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Chimney Repairs

One of the most common reasons for repairing a chimney is water leakage or when bricks on the chimney appear damaged. Repairing a chimney may consist of replacing the concrete cap, replacing the damper, replacing bricks, replacing the flue, putting silicone around the flashing, or tuckpointing around the chimney. When replacing the concrete cap, most companies use regular Type S cement mix which tends to dry too quickly especially in hot conditions causing the mortar to crack prematurely resulting in the client having to repeatedly fix the same problem. Damski Masonry uses a special mortar mix which contains more clay and with this product, we guarantee that you won’t be seeing our face anytime soon. It is crucial to inspect your chimney every two years for any damage because if it is not repaired, it can lead to serious problems. If you notice any damage around your chimney and live in the Toronto area, please contact us at (647) 838-8343 and put your mind at ease.