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Parging is a technique used to repair the foundation around any standing structure. Parging can cover cracks, holes, water damages, and may even help to seal small air leaks in a concrete wall. The common problem that we often see is that builders in Toronto or areas such as Mississauga started installing brick at ground level, most commonly around garage doors in front of the house and when there is snow or water constantly touching the brick, the bricks tend to deteriorate and often need to be replaced. Therefore, we always advise our clients to put parging up to two feet in front of the house if they have brick too close to the ground to prevent them from replacing bricks and to keep money in their pocket. As a company, we can parge foundation to be smooth and flat or we can create a stone-like effect, whichever the client prefers. Parged walls can also be painted to create a more attractive appearance. Do not hesitate to call us if you need any parging to be completed around your Toronto home at (647) 838-8343.