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Tuckpointing consists of placing mortar into masonry joints that have cracked or have completely fallen out over time. It is a common maintenance task in brick masonry and as a company, seventy-percent of our tuckpointing jobs are done in the Toronto area because the homes are older and so is the mortar between bricks. Sometimes, a brick mason will fill in joints that have cracked and at other times, grinding out the joints is necessary because the mortar appears old and water may be getting in. Tuckpointing is one of the most effective ways of decreasing water entry into brick masonry. If you see any cracks or deterioration in your mortar, it is best not wait to get it repaired because the longer you wait, you will have water getting in which will cause you to replace bricks and this is a more expensive task altogether. One of the most important steps in tuckpointing is to match the colour of the mortar to the original so that it appears untouched which is one of the specialties of Damski Masonry. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and are in need of tuckpointing services, please contact us at (647) 838-8343.